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It has come to our attention that an organization claiming to represent RBA Staffing is recruiting workers through online job postings. After applying, job seekers receive an email from an @rba-staffing.com email address. This email address (rba-staffing) and those using it are not affiliated with RBA Staffing. The rba-staffing web domain redirects to the RBA Staffing website, but is not affiliated with RBA Staffing. RBA Staffing is working with law enforcement to investigate this impostor organization. If you have been contacted by an @rba-staffing.com email address, please contact us at (585) 244-1800.

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    “RBA has been very helpful with the entire process of bringing Temps onboard with EBS-RMSCO.”
    - Amy L. Spotts, EBS-RMSCO, Inc.

    “I have been working with RBA Staffing for six years. They exceed my expectations in the time it takes them to place candidates as well as the quality of the candidates.”
    - SPX